Walgot v0.2.0

Sunday, November 20, 2022


I’m happy to announce Walgot v0.2.0, a TUI client for wallabag, which come with many improvements.

v0.2.0 is close to being “feature complete” for my use cases. I’m happy to add features for things I don’t use if other people use walgot and require some of the missing things (eg: tag and annotations). The main item I’m not sure about for feature completeness is about a full offline mode… I’m still thinking about pros and cons :).

The release note can be found below. I also added a couple of new screenshots:

Walgot v0.2.0 screenshots

The release note of the v0.2.0:

Added features:

  • Copy URL (original or public) to clipboard via Y keybind
  • Save a new entry on wallabag (“N”)
  • Delete entry on wallabag (“D”)
  • Search - Search for exact term (case insensitive) in article title ("/")
  • Filter for public articles in table view (“p”)
  • Toggle for public status (“P”)
  • Open article link in default browser (“O”)

And some UI improvements:

On the article reading view:

  • Include all links footnotes instead of mid text
  • Adapt reading view if screen size is small
  • Display status (starred, new, public) in reading view footer
  • Improve detail view with fixed title and % read
  • Adapt footer depending on term height and width

On the listing view:

  • Adapt list view based on screen width to optimize info display

Bug fixes:

  • Add notif after deleting an entry
  • Add notif message after adding an entry
  • Make scroll smoother when reading an article
  • Prevent crash during reloading when trying to select an entry


  • Maintenance: Upgrade dependencies
  • Add some unit tests (needs a lot more)
  • Add automated build on sourcehut

Overall, a fun project to work on, the wallabag API1 is easy, the wallabago library2 too. And I enjoy more and more the TUI framework (and used libraries) bubbletea3. Makes me want to redo GTL with it, or find another cool TUI project to create :).


If you find any issue or have any question about this article, feel free to reach out to me via email, mastodon, matrix or even IRC, see the About Me page for details.

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