Kalliope - Raspberrypi camera neuron
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EDIT: Installing "community" modules like neuron is now a feature of Kalliope (via the CLI), please read here instead

To start with the kalliope blog posts series, I'll start with introducing the few neurons I created on top of the existing ones.

Simplest neuron I created is a neuron to leverage the raspberrypi camera to take picture when asking kalliope to do so. Kalliope is installed on a raspberrypi v3 with a touchscreen display and a pi camera

The neuron can be found here (I need to move each neurons on it's own github repository as their will be a market place for kalliope neuron soon).

To enable this neuron, you need to install first the picamera python library apt-get install python-picamera should do it.

Then, create your neuron file picamera.yml like the example one:

  - name: "Take-pictures"
      - order: "take pictures"
      - camera:
          number_of_picture: 3
          directory: "/home/pi/Desktop/PIctures/"
          timer: 1
      - say:
          message: "Picture taken"

You can configure how many pictures Kalliope will take (3 in this example), where to save then (here /home/pi/Desktop/Pictures) and how many seconds between the picture Kalliope needs to wait.

As you can see, pretty simple, but for me it was more a poc of using the picamera with Kalliope, I have further idea for it in the future, maybe using OpenCV with it :).

But I have other neurons do upgrade / create before going this road.

Stay tune for the other neurons.