Kalliope system status neuron
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Couple of days ago, I created a very simple neuron to retrieve some system data and have an idea of the system kalliope runs on. It was in the same idea of the poorsman loganalyser I talked about before.

In all honesty, most credits goes to this github repository I found that did almost all the job for me.

What does it do ?

So far, it returns the following variable that can then be used in a template or say_template:

  • running_since
  • os: OS name
  • os_version: Kernel version
  • system_name: Name of your host
  • system_nb_core: Number of core
  • cpu: % of CPU usage
  • memory: % of memory usage
  • disk: % of disk usage

Look at the readme for an up to date list :)


The usual:

.. code:: bash

kalliope install --git-url https://github.com/bacardi55/kalliope-system-status.git


Create a brain file like this:

.. code:: bash

  - name: "System-status"
      - order: "Step into analysis mode, please"
      - system_status:
            - "I'm running on {{os}}, kernel {{os_version}}, with {{system_nb_cores}} cores.    C P U usage {{cpu}} %  memory usage {{memory}} %  disk usage {{disk}} %"
          cache: False

Or create a more complex template :)

I'll add more into this, but if you have idea, PR on github or comment on this post :)