Running feed2toot in a docker container
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Today, a very quick blog post on a how to install feed2toot in a docker container. Feed2toot is a python application that will send toot on Mastodon for each item of an RSS feed.

If you want to install Mastodon, I suggest you read here: - Offical documentation - Intall guide for Digital ocean - French intall guide on Debian

if you want to install feed2toot in a container to be able to create toot from an RSS feed, then keep reading :).

Create the docker image

Get the files

You can start with my repo as a base:

git clone

Build the container image

cd docker-feed2toot
docker build -t b55/feed2toot .

You can change the tag name :)

Configure feed2toot

Edit the conf/feed2toot.ini, conf/rsslinks.txt and conf/hashtags.txt files as describe in the official documentation

The current release needs a hashtags file, even empty! It will become optional in the next release


Get your credential first

Then, register your application with your mastodon account:

docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)"/conf:/etc/feed2toot -it b55/feed2toot register_feed2toot_app

It will ask your password (but won't save it) to generate token files.

Test the first run

docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)"/conf:/etc/feed2toot b55/feed2toot

Go to your user mastodon page, you should see the toot generated :)


To avoid launching the app manually, let's put a simple task in our crontab:

Open the crontab file: crontab -e and insert this line:

@hourly docker run --rm -v /path/to/conf:/etc/feed2toot b55/feed2toot

And you should be good to go!