What have I been up to lately
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Still alive ?

Yes! I know I've posted a lot in January / February and disappeared a bit after that ^^. I have been busy at work and at home, and to be honest I started working on another topic of my "todo geek list" : Reinstalling my servers where I host my application and retake ownership of my data.

I also wanted to switch for manual installing all software on my servers and leveraging docker to put the app within container (and also improve a bit my knowledge in this area^^)

Here is what I have setup so far (all on docker containers):

As you can see, i have been busy (with this, work, my life and of course starcraft2 ^^"), but unfortunately, I'm not done yet^^

My todolist still contains:

  • Migrate all my repos from github to Gogs (at least mirroring)
  • Add mattermost bots (hubot and RSS)
  • Monitoring alerts via email (?)
  • Redo mail server
  • Backup automated policy

Ok... That's cool, but why ?

Well, since a long time now, I'm trying to advocate for data privacy, self hosting a trying to stop feeding (too much) the GAFAM. I'm hosting my own server mail since 10 years as well as my websites (like this blog), but i wanted to go further and take ownership again of my data.

For those who speaks french and didn't see it (old from 2007… but still so true), i recommend this great video of Benjamin Bayart: Internet or minitel 2.0 (For non French people, look up online what Minitel was :)).

From what I read on mastodorn, it seems B. Bayart might do a new version of that talk :). I don't really want to explain why you should care about your data, there are a lot of good articles online.

Sounds cool, i want to do it!

I'm planing to transform this experience into a series of blog posts:

  • Continuous integration setup: Gogs , DroneCI and automatic builds when a push happens. Bonus: push notification on a private channel of my mattermost instance.
  • Mastodon and feed2toot bot (will be an update of my previous post about feed2toot as I don't plan to rewrite the good installation doc)
  • Cool / useful apps selfhosted apps on RaspberryPi: Wallabag, Shaarli and Lutim
  • Mattermost and Hubot
  • Monitoring, graph and alerts

I'll update this post to add the link to the post series.

Talk to you soon!