2020, Yet another attempt to resurrect this blog
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Another reviving blog post?

Yes, you're not dreaming, a new article on this blog… I haven't posted anything for the past 2 years… But I decided to be back. I decided this last December while redoing my home self hosting and automation mechanism. So, starting 2020, I decided 2 things regarding my web presence:

First, I wanted to force myself to write more on this blog. I think there is a great value to populate a blog (even with no visitors), as it help explaining situation / project / workaround / ….

Second, I also decided that I needed to go back to self hosting. I've been managing my own servers for ±15 years. I've managed a lot of different services, my email being the oldest service I manage. But I made the move to "the cloud" some years later and I want to change this back again. Some services will stay "in the cloud", like my mail servers, because I need to have better performance and service availability. Yes, I know, I can still have a great uptime while doing this from home, but I'm not confident (for real reasons…) with my ISP (@Orange: yes I'm looking at you).

I've also decided to move from bacardi55.org to bacardi55.io while doing this :).

For the 2 visitors that have been reading this blog before, you might think this is a "revival" post that will end up being yet another lie about resurrecting this site… You might be right, but I have more realistic objectives for this blog and I have already a lot of ideas in term of content and some already being written. I also have more realistic goal that I hope will help me keep it "alive".

What about this time?

Main ideas I have for this blog are:

  • Self Hosting with docker swarm cluster
  • Home Automation with NodeRed, Domoticz and others
  • CLI / TUI (because no GUI is better than CLI/TUI)
  • Hopefully new things

Let's keep this blog post short so I can write more interesting ones!