May 2020: Status Update
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Today, I want to make a quick « Status update » type of blog post. I've seen a lot of blogs doing so lately and I have to admit I liked the idea as it helps thinking about achievements and remaining challenges! Bonus point: It forces to at least write one post every once in a while and can be written quickly as they don't require in depth research or testing :)

As most of the posts on this blog, I don't think it will be interesting for other, but I think they will be beneficial for me as a retro and planning exercise :)

Earlier this year, in March, I decided to re-open and rewrite on this blog that was idling for more than 2 years (last post before was in Feb 2018…)… And that's ok! I don't think it is that important to keep posting all the time just for the sake of it. This blog is just a place where I post when I think it's worth the exercise. Having been playing a lot lately with home automation and fun stuff like this, I was thinking it would be cool to write about it but the motivation was not quite there.

When in December 2019, I decided to redo my Home Lab setup and taking notes (in vim of course :p), I thought it might be better to try to organize the process in steps so that I could read it later and see what I've done and of course improve it… (Any tech guy that re-read his code or docs is unhappy about it and is sure he can redo it better…) But at least it is there and documents what has been done :D

So, back in March, I had 2 main ideas for blog posts: Documenting my selfhosting installation as well as writing about cool and fun home automation things. So where am I on this 2 things?

Home Lab setup

Far from finished, I wrote 7 article about the setup: starting from the context, to the filesystem setup with GlusterFS, then docker swarm config, with Traefik and https, external monitoring with statping, (temporary) backups and log rotation.

There is a lot missing and I am not sure how many parts there will be in the end but I see at least the following topics: Non Temporary backups, containers db backups, cluster monitoring, staying up to date and secure, etc… Some of these posts are work in progress (eg: staying up to date), some are not even in place yet (eg: borgbackups) so I can't talk about them :)

I also wrote about some "docker services recipes" like portainer, kanboard and NodeRed, Mosquitto and Domoticz.

Home Automation

This one is where I think I (and the few bot "reading" this blog :D) will have the most fun. For now, I only wrote about the context, the installation of the main pieces (Nodered, Domoticz, Mosquitto) and the multiroom sound system because they are the heart of the solution. But I already have planned a lot of content, from the telegram chat and nodered dashboard to control the house, to all the automation and routines happening in my house. I need to finish all the setup / config related posts before starting the fun ones though so it takes a bit of time^^.


Very quick post as advertised :) Still a huge todolist in my kanboards, but motivation to write is still there :)

Take care in these crazy times…