I know that I don't know what I'm talking about
My Home Lab 2020, part 4: Running Services over https with Traefik
Configuring Traefik with docker to manage services over https
Simple load testing using siege
Understand how much traffic your servers can take
My Home Lab 2020, part 3: Docker Swarm setup
Initial Docker Swarm setup
My Home Lab 2020, part 2: GlusterFS Setup
Initial GlusterFS setup for my swarm cluster
My Home Lab 2020, part 1: Context and Architecture choices
My Home Lab 2020, why and what…
Managing my dotfiles with Yadm
Simple yet powerful tool to manage dotfiles efficiently
Buying a Linux Laptop
My quest for a linux laptop
2020, Yet another attempt to resurrect this blog
Resurection of my blog
Pimaton v0.0.4, introducing web features!
Pimaton is now installable via pip!
supporting foss #01
Yesterday, Pimaton v0.0.3 (alpha) was put in used!
Introducing my new project: Pimaton a Photobooth app for raspberry pi
2018 is here
Kalliope as your personal DJ
Kalliope reminder with snooze
Headless RaspberryPi installation
Kalliope updates, part 2
Kalliope update
What have I been up to lately