I know that I don't know what I'm talking about
Receive alerts when new images are available for your docker swarm cluster with Diun
Or make sure you are using up to date services.
May 2020: Status Update
My Home Lab 2020, part 7: Keeping containers' log in rotation with logrotate
The simplest log management for containers
My Home Lab 2020, part 6(v1): Temporary backup system
A quick solution based on rsync and tar :)
My Home Lab 2020, part 5: External application status with Statping
Or how to make sure your self-hosted applications are reachable for everyone
Why do I write on this blog?
Self reflection on the goal of this small piece of the internet
Home Automation, part 3 - Multi room music and sound system with Mopidy and Snapcast
Listen local and spotify music in every room
Docker swarm Web dashboard with Portainer
Visualize and manage your docker swarm cluster with portainer
Home Automation, part 2 - NodeRed, Mosquitto and Domoticz on my docker swarm cluster
Home Automation, part 1 - Context and Architecture
A description of my domotic setup based on nodered, domoticz, mqtt and docker
Manage your personal project todos with Kanboard and Docker Swarm
Deploying Kanboard on a docker swarm raspberry pi cluster
My Home Lab 2020, part 4: Running Services over https with Traefik
Configuring Traefik with docker to manage services over https
Simple load testing using siege
Understand how much traffic your servers can take
My Home Lab 2020, part 3: Docker Swarm setup
Initial Docker Swarm setup
My Home Lab 2020, part 2: GlusterFS Setup
Initial GlusterFS setup for my swarm cluster
My Home Lab 2020, part 1: Context and Architecture choices
My Home Lab 2020, why and what...
Managing my dotfiles with Yadm
Simple yet powerful tool to manage dotfiles efficiently
Buying a Linux Laptop
My quest for a linux laptop
2020, Yet another attempt to resurrect this blog
Resurection of my blog
Pimaton v0.0.4, introducing web features!