Kalliope - a poorsman log analyser

Tuesday, February 21, 2017



Today, I wanted to have a quick overview of my Kalliope usage. I have more and more neurons available and more and more configured synapses so I thought it could be cool to start having some data.

I didn’t want to put in place some heavy log analyser or sort, a simple bash script would do the trick.

Of course, I also wanted the output interface to be Kalliope as well (:


Generate log with kalliope

By default, logs are just the output of Kalliope and are not stored in logs. So instead of implementing something within Kalliope, I thought it would be easier to just launch kalliope and push the output into a log file. I also wanted to still be able to see the logs in the terminal I launched Kalliope with.

Normally, a simple

      command | tee output.log

Should be enough, but because it is a python script, you actually need to launch Kalliope like this:

      /usr/bin/python -u /usr/local/bin/kalliope start | tee -a kalliope.log

Read logs

I then created the simplest shell script possible. Can be found in my kalliope starter kit here.


      ## You need to have kalliope logs available. To do so, I run kalliope like this:
      ## /usr/bin/python -u /usr/local/bin/kalliope start | tee -a kalliope.log
      ## So that logs are still displayed on standard output and in a log file

      ## Edit the audio variable text to use the variable as needed. Kalliope will read the content of the audio variable (output of the script)


      nb_trigger=$(cat "$LOG_FILE" | grep "Say something!" | wc -l)
      nb_match=$(cat "$LOG_FILE" | grep "Order matched in the brain" | wc -l)
      nb_audio_issue=$(cat "$LOG_FILE" | grep "Google Speech Recognition could not understand audio" | wc -l)
      nb_no_synapse=$(cat "$LOG_FILE" | grep "No synapse match the captured order" | wc -l)

      audio="As far as I remember, $nb_trigger vocal orders have been triggered, I didn't understood $nb_no_synapse of them and had an audio issue for $nb_audio_issue of them"

      echo "$audio"

basically looking in the output the number of line matching some patterns triggered by Kalliopé.

The content of the audio variable is the text that will be read by Kalliope.

Create your brain

Now that you have the log generated, and the script to read them, you need to create the brain that will fire a simple shell script and read the output.

      - name: "System-status"
          - order: "Step into analysis mode, please"
          - shell:
              cmd: "sh script/poorsmanloganalyser.sh"
                - "{{output}}"

And now you can have some numbers (:


If you find any issue or have any question about this article, feel free to reach out to me via email, mastodon, matrix or even IRC, see the About Me page for details.

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