Kalliope update

Saturday, October 21, 2017



Quick blog post as I reinstall my Kalliope setup that I quit for a while :)

First, the good news is that i’m impressed by the amount of work the team as done! If you haven’t tried it yet for a while, I suggest you retry it now :]

From what I’ve seen so far:

A lot of performance improvement has been done and now it is faster than ever on a raspberry pi! And also a lot of bug fixes too where done :)

New feature concerns hardware improvement:

  • LED
  • Mute button:
  • Sound sensibility (for the mic)

And lots of new features:

  • Player modularity: you can select your own player instead of default one
  • No voice via API: now, api call don’t have to active audio response, so you can use kalliopé in a client / server configuration (very excited by that one !) :]
  • Kalliope memory: Awesome feature to store data in memory for later reuse ! (only temp memory though!)
  • New neurons has been developed too:
    • Neurotimer: So you can plan to launch other neuron at a specific time :) or even can use this to create a remember app via kalliopé (So my previous script is now useless)
    • MQTT neuron integration (as well as a signal to start a neuron via MQTT signal)
    • Mute neuron to pause kalliope from waking up

And other stuff too, check out the github page!

Now, I have started checking my neurons to see if they are still working. Google agenda, Repeat and System status are working fine.

Web scrapper and all orders ones seem to be broken though… I’ll check that soon.

I haven’t checked the other yet but I’ll do it soon too :)


  • Repair neurons
  • Test the Mobile app via the API
  • Repair my web app
  • Redo the Kalliope CLI
  • duckduckgo AI API neuron



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