2018 is here

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Hello everyone!

A very quick post to say this blog isn’t dead yet, and I wish you all a happy new year and all best for 2018!

Because I don’t like taking new year resolutions (let’s face it, I almost never keep them anyway :p) I decided to challenge myself instead (Yeah I stole the idea from my friend juliuss ^^).

My challenge this year is to get back more to open source. Of course I already write a bit of opensource code (specially for kalliope latelly) but I don’t think that’s enough. My job is based on opensource and I’ve worked for more than 7 in opensource now. I think it’s time to give back a bit more now that I can by giving small donations every month (at least as long as I still can! –touching wood–) to my favorite or most used opensource softwares. It might be big or very small project, based on daily usage or on an impulse :). I have a monthly donation for la quadrature du net (helps in the “fight” against the devil GAFAM) in place but I think I can do a bit more.

My challenge is to write here every month about the few project I’m giving a bit of money. The beautiful thing about only using opensource for almost 15 years now (wow) is that I have a load of big and small project I love and could donate to.

So that’s challenge #1, starting before the end this month!

Challenge #2: Create a photobooth (“photomaton” in French) application and hardware/box for my sister in law’s wedding in August.

So apparently renting that kind of thing costs a lot and can not be delivered everywhere. So I said “Challenge accepted”! I’ve seen a bunch of similar project on the internet but none where as complete (or cleanly implemented) like I wished… I also wanted to improve my python knowledge by doing more than just some PR for Kalliope… So my idea is to create a simple and configurable tool installable via pip on a raspberry pi that will be able to take picture via the picamera, generate a rendering like in a photobooth (multiple pics on 1 photo), and a lot more. I’ll write dedicated blog postS on it (challenge #2.5).

Challenge #3: Improve my domotic and voice commands setup

One of my key focus is to improve and finish my home automation setup, based obvisouly on Kalliope and Domoticz and I’ll try to write more about it too :) As the few blog posts show, this has already been a key topic for me in 2017 and should still be in 2018.

Well I think that these are already big for this blog with regards to the small number of posts last year, so I’ll stop here :)

Again, best wishes for 2018!


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