Good Bye 2020, Hello 2021

Saturday, January 16, 2021


Hello everyone!

Yes it has been a long time, but as often after a long break writing here, I’m trying to revive it again :) And like usually when I do this, I migrate the blog on another platform… Because apparently why not…

This time I rebuilt it using hugo and the Notepadium that I modified a bit. I wanted a new theme for a long time and none on nikola suited me and was too lazy to write my own :D

Anyway, last year was a bit busy, I won’t talk about the pandemic and all, but I’m happy that 2020 is over, not saying that everything is already green because it’s 2021 but let’s start the year optimistically :).

Anyway, let’s start with a happy new year to everyone getting lost on this page!

In term of focus for this blog, I’ll try to write about my home automation processes. I did start talking about it before but I only touch the installation and not the cool part of the different things I’m doing or plan. Let’s see what else comes up in here, we never know^^.


If you find any issue or have any question about this article, feel free to reach out to me via email, mastodon, matrix or even IRC, see the About Me page for details.

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